What is FotoMagico?

FotoMagico is an application for creating and presenting live multimedia slideshows. The primary goal is to present your pictures with the best possible image quality that your display device offers. Typical display devices are your computer's screen, a digital projector, or a television.

Aside from high image quality, the focus lies on easy and powerful authoring of your presentation. FotoMagico provides a simple, yet elegant and intuitive user interface with a relatively low learning curve, so that you can concentrate on telling your story. Using FotoMagico, you can:

  • Create stunning slideshow presentations.
  • Use photos from an Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Photos, iPhoto library or any folder on a local drive.
  • Add videos to your slideshow. Many common video formats are supported by FotoMagico.
  • Use music and sound effects from your iTunes library to create an appropriate atmosphere for your slideshow.
  • Animate your photos using Pan & Zoom. This type of animation is also known as the Ken Burns effect.
  • Zoom, move, and rotate the images to highlight the most important areas of your photos.
  • Add titles to your slideshow to create a compelling narrative.
  • Record narration directly in FotoMagico while your slideshow is playing.
  • Precisely control timing and other details of your slideshow.
  • Control your slideshows interactively during playback.
  • Share your slideshows with others in a variety of formats.

Presenting your slideshow live in front of an audience is one important way to present your slideshow. If you want to share your finished slideshow with other people who do not have FotoMagico installed on their computer, you have a host of options that let you do just that, e.g. creating a standalone player, creating a DVD, or publishing your slideshow to YouTube or Vimeo. Please refer to Sharing Slideshows for more information.

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