Audio Browser

Click the Audio icon in the toolbar to reveal the Audio Browser in the sidebar.

The Audio Browser lets you browse the songs from your iTunes music library, audio files from iLife Sound Effects, and audio files from any Finder folder you choose to add. Drag any folder that contains movies to the list to permanently add this folder to the list. Optionally you can right-click on the list background to show a context menu and select the Add Folder… command. Remove the folder again by selecting Remove Folder from the context menu.

The songs of the currently selected album, playlist, or folder are displayed below the divider line. Drag the divider line up all the way to collapse the list to a small popup menu. This maximizes the amount of vertical space available for the Audio Browser. This is especially helpful on small notebook displays.

To reveal additional columns in the Audio browser, drag the divider between the Stage and the sidebar to make the sidebar wider. The additional columns will automatically appear as enough horizontal space becomes available. Resize table columns by clicking and dragging column header separators. Click in the header of a table column to sort the list by that column.

Drag songs from the Audio Browser to the audio track of the Storyboard/Timeline to add them to your slideshow.

DRM protected audio files that were purchased at the iTunes Music Store can be used in your slideshow for live presentations (provided that your computer is authorized to play those audio files). However, Apple prohibits exporting these songs to QuickTime movies. For this reason, those songs will be removed when sharing a slideshow as QuickTime movie, including DVD or YouTube.
DRM protected audio files that you downloaded from the subscription based Apple Music service cannot be used outside the iTunes application, so they will not be displayed at all in the Audio Browser.

Live Searching

If you want to search for specific songs, type a word (title, album, artist, etc) into the search field below the Audio Browser.

Get Info

Click on the small info button or choose Get Info from the context menu in the browser to get information about a selected song.

Previewing Audio

Double-click a song or audio file or select it and press the button to preview it. An LCD display appears below the Audio Browser which allows you to scrub through the song or audio file.

  • Double-click on a song to start playback. When a song is playing, clicking on a different audio file is enough to play a different song.
  • Click on the button to start playing the song. The button highlights blue.
  • Click on the button again to stop playing the song.
  • Click and drag the diamond shaped playhead to scrub through the song.
  • Click the time display to cycle through elapsed (default), remaining and total playing time.

Browser View Types

Select one of the options to display the movies in your browser in icon, list, or combo view (a combination of both icon and list).

Icon Size

Drag the size slider to enlarge or decrease the size of the movie thumbnails displayed in the browser. This slider is not available in list view.

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