Snippets Browser

Click the Snippets icon in the toolbar to reveal the Snippets Browser in the sidebar.

The list at the top shows folders with different categories of snippets. Drag any folder that contains FotoMagico snippet files to the list to permanently add this folder to the list. Optionally you can right-click on the list background to show a context menu and select the Add Folder… command. Remove the folder again by selecting Remove Folder from the context menu.

The snippets of the currently selected folder are displayed below the divider line. Drag the divider line up all the way to collapse the list of folders to a small popup menu. This maximizes the amount of vertical space available for the Snippets Browser. This is especially helpful on small notebook displays.

Select a snippet in the browser and drag it to the Storyboard or Stage to add it to your slideshow.

Many snippets contain placeholder layers. Switch to the Image Browser and drag your own images onto those placeholders.

Live Searching

If you want to search for specific snippets, type a word into the search field below the Snippets Browser.

Get Info

Click on the small info button or choose Get Info from the context menu in the browser to get information about a selected snippet.

Quick Look

To preview a snippet just double-click it to reveal the preview window. Optionally you can select a snippet and press the Quick Look button or press Y or choose the Quick Look command from the context menu in the browser. To hide the preview window again, click in its close box.

Browser View Types

Select one of the options to display the snippets as thumbnail icons, as a list, or as a combination of thumbnail icon and additional metadata.

Icon Size

Drag the size slider to enlarge or decrease the size of the snippet thumbnails displayed in the browser. This slider is not available in list view.

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