Movie Options

The Movie Options inspector lets you change settings of selected movies in the Storyboard/Timeline. You can make changes to multiple movies at once by selecting several movies in the Storyboard/Timeline before adjusting settings in the Movie Options inspector.

The Movie Options inspector opens automatically when you double-click a movie in the Storyboard/Timeline.


When a single movie is selected, the filename of the movie will be displayed here. If you want to replace the movie, while keeping all other parameters (animation, color, etc.), select the Replace Media File... command from the popup menu next to the filename. You can also select Get Info to show info about the movie file.


Controls how loud the audio of the movie is playing. Set it to 0% if you want the movie to be completely silent, because you have a song in the audio track instead. Drag the volume slider or enter a numerical value in the text field next to the slider.


When Ducking is enabled, then the volume of other audio tracks is lowered by the specified percentage while the movie is playing. This is useful to lower the volume of a song in the music track, so that live sound of the movie can be heard more clearly.

Specifying a ducking factor of 100% means that other audio tracks are completely muted while the movie is playing.


Use this feature to add a border to the selected movie layers. Use the slider or enter a point size to set the width of the border. Click on the color swatch to the left of the slider to choose the border color.


Use this feature to apply non-destructive color correction to the selected movie. Color correction can be used to modify the color tint, saturation, and gamma (lightness) of a movie. Click the Custom color button to open a popover. In the color wheel, click and drag the black circle to the preferred color tint, and use the saturation and lightness (gamma) sliders to adjust these parameters.

The movie in the Stage adjusts automatically as you make changes. Check or uncheck the “Color Correction” checkbox to enable or disable the color correction. That way you can make a before/after comparison. In the popup menu next to the button you can select Copy and Paste to copy the color correction from one movie to another, or Reset to remove color correction from a movie.

The effects of the color correction are visible live in the Stage and Storyboard/Timeline. If you have multiple slides selected, the Stage is empty and you can see only see the effects in the Storyboard/Timeline.
To create a black & white version of a movie simply reduce the saturation to 0%.


Set in and out points to restrict the portion of the movie to be played. This is done by dragging the range triangles inward. The red portions (outside of the triangles) will not be played. The movie file itself will not be modified, so all changes can be undone at any time. The movie in the Stage adjusts automatically as you make changes, displaying the in point on the left side and the out point on the right side.

For more precise control over in and out points, you can enter an exact in point or out point. From the popup menu select Finetune In Point or Finetune Out Point or double-click on the in point or out point triangle to open a popover to enter an exact timecode.

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